Privacy Policy

Content Delivery Networks & external resources

This website includes resources from Content Delivery Network services such as JsDelivr and other remote sources notably ObservableHQ.

On some pages, serves DuckDB-related resources.

These third parties recieve your IP address whenever resources are accessed.

Analytics (opt-in)

Analytics provide me with useful statistical information to improve the website and consider it for effectiveness. On this website analytics are opt-in.

If you opt-in, information will be gathered via Plausible, a “Privacy focused Google Analytics alternative”. You can read their Data Policy. Your IP address and other information may be made available to them; they will then aggregate information I can use to understand website audience, improve the website/content, and to consider reach and effectiveness of the website/content. I do not get or store raw data such as IP address.

If you “reject non-essential” the cookie banner, or if you disable analytics scripts, or if you make no action at all, then analytics functionality is not used. No information is made available to Plausible, including your IP address. You can still use the website in the normal way.

If you use an ad-blocker, then analytics may be disabled regardless of your preferences here. In this case also, you can still use the website in the normal way.

Changes to this privacy policy

This privacy policy and details about website features described are subject to change. You can find a history of changes on GitLab.